What is

Camp Wyoming

Camp Wyoming Evening summer campfire

Camp Wyoming is a Christian summer camp and year-round retreat center located in Jones County, Iowa.  The camp is a mission of the Presbytery of East Iowa.

Camp Wyoming has had an impact on tens of thousands of children, youth, adults, and families since it began in 1960.  The camp was built as a place to nourish a life of faith and extend the Church’s Christian Education program beyond the congregation.  There was also a widespread recognition that an experience away in a natural setting would play a pivotal role in the spiritual and personal development in young people.

Camp Wyoming runs a variety of programs and retreats, most notably its summer camp program.  Over time, the camp has broadened its ministry to include Specials Persons camps, Family camps, and T.T.T (a program for underprivileged 4th grade girls).  The camp also rents its site and facilities to groups looking for a retreat.  Finally, the camp has recently developed a consulting service for churches who are looking to strengthen their ministry as it pertains to children and youth.

Camp Wyoming’s vision is to offer transformative experiences that equip people of all ages for a journey of faith.