It Still Feels Like Home

by Stacie Hoppman on April 28,2017 in Camp Staff Camp Talk with No Comments

It Still Feels Like Home

This weekend, alumni from Camp Wyoming’s past will gather together at camp to talk, eat, tour camp, and participate in activities like tie dye and hiking. Most of all, though, they come together to remember. There’s nothing quite like summer camp to fill your memory with stories of laughter, silliness, and wonder. And no matter... read more

Summer Camp is Weird

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Summer Camp is Weird

Summer camp is weird. When we say that, we mean weird in a totally good way. If you’ve ever been to camp, then you probably understand what we mean before we even explain it. It’s weird because the completely normal and acceptable thing to do when you’re clearing the table and cleaning up after a... read more

From Fear to Faith: A Camp Wyoming Story

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From Fear to Faith: A Camp Wyoming Story Kelsey and the 4th grade girls she coaches. Her leadership experience allowed her to jump right in as a volunteer counselor at Camp Wyoming last summer.

We talk a lot about the community at camp. This is a place for people to come and meet others, try new things, have conversations, and be a part of something bigger than themselves. However, this kind of community can sometimes be intimidating when you’ve never been part of it before. What will I do?... read more

Is This Dinner?

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Is This Dinner?

“Is this dinner?” Campers ask this question all the time at Camp Wyoming. The morning is so packed with activities, songs, movement, exploration, and learning that by the time a camper sits down for lunch, they feel like the day must be coming to a close. They have already done so much. How could there... read more

Something Completely "Other"

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Something Completely

The other day, I (Stacie) was out with a friend at an event. My friend introduced me to a young lady, and she and I spent a few minutes just making small talk. She asked me where I worked, and I told her about Camp Wyoming and some of the things I do there. Instantly,... read more