Eric Norton

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Eric Norton

Eric grew up in Wilton, Iowa, and now lives in Davenport, Iowa with his family.  He has three kids: Madeline, Jack, and Hannah.  He also has two cats named Frank and Olive.

Eric graduated from Eastern Iowa Community College with an Associates in Computer Aided Drafting and Design and is working toward his Bachelors in Industrial Engineering at St. Ambrose University.  He works as a Test Engineer for John Deere at the Corporate Accelerated Design Verification Lab.

Eric started going to Camp Wyoming when he was in fourth grade. He came as a summer camper all through high school and even completed the L.I.T. (Leader’s in Training) program.  He came as a volunteer in 1993 and worked as a summer staff member in 1994 and 95.

Eric made the decision to be on the Camp Wyoming board because he believes that camp provides valuable experiences, and he wants to help share that with other people. He also wants to ensure that each camper who comes has a positive and memorable experience. Eric loves the land and the location of Camp Wyoming.  In his words, “We’re very fortunate to have over 380 acres of God’s creation set aside for worship and reflection.” He also values the people and the friendships he’s developed throughout the years at Camp Wyoming.