Eric Peters

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Eric Peters

Eric hails from Eagan, Minnesota. Don’t worry, though. He says that his parents are from Iowa, so even though he lived in Minnesota all his life, his parents “raised him right,” ensuring that he was an Iowa Hawkeyes fan! He attends St. Cloud University where he is majoring in Chemistry and minoring in German. Eric came to Camp Wyoming for many summers as a kid. He can still recall the name of his first counselor! It was an experience he knew he would never forget, and he enjoyed it so much, that he continued coming every year after that! He even completed the Leaders-in-Training program. Eric’s family has an even longer history with Camp Wyoming. His mom was a camper here in the 1970s, so it was important to her that her children had the chance to experience all of the wonderful things that she did at camp.

Eric is looking forward to his summer on staff. He says he wants to help kids grow closer to God and make lifelong memories, from singing the songs to experiencing all the activities. As Eric can attest to, he said it’s fun to see how kids grow and are challenged mentally, spiritually, and physically. When asked how he connects to God, Eric said singing, although he admitted he’s not very good at it. He added, “God is in all things and you need only open up in any task you are doing to find a connection with him.”

In his free time, Eric likes to take part in drama productions both on and off stage. He also likes to play ultimate frisbee and frisbee golf, as well as the game dungeons and dragons with his friends. Since he is from Minnesota, Eric does have a slight Minnesotan accent, but he says that he can make it thicker if he wants. If you have Eric as your counselor, ask him to “speak Minnesotan” for you!

Eric’s favorite Bible verse is 1 Corinthians 16:13: ” Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.”