Jennie Snart

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Jennie Snart

Jennie connects best to God through singing and being outside. Ever since she was six years old, she has been coming to Camp Wyoming, first with her dad, and then later on her own as a camper. “It was always one of my favorite weeks of the summer because I love the songs and the small community.” This year will be her third summer on staff, and we are very excited that she is returning! “I’ve always liked the programs and games and activities that we do, ” Jennie said. “I am excited to be a counselor this year. I can’t imagine a summer without Camp Wyoming.”

Jennie lives in Moline, IL and attends Blackhawk Community College for nursing. In her free time, Jennie likes spending time with family and friends, ice skating, and singing. She is also a huge hockey fan and likes to travel. She has been to both Paris and London. Jennie is known for her caring heart, compassion, and smile. This summer, she really wants to make sure that the staff and campers feel welcomed. She has been coming to camp for a long time and feels like she can serve as a role model and help them to feel comfortable at camp.

One of Jennie’s favorite experiences at camp is the Christwalk. When asked about this summer, Jennie said, “I’m looking forward to being surrounded by nature and also being in a place where I can help kids grow in faith.”

Jennie’s favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through who gives me strength.”