Kaylee Miller

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Kaylee Miller

Kaylee is joining us for summer number two here at Camp Wyoming! Even though she didn’t grow up here as a camper, since working here last summer, she has become a huge Camp Wyoming fan and advocate! This summer, Kaylee says, “I am extremely excited to see how campers have grown in the past year, as well as hear the stories of new campers.” Originally from Council Bluffs, Kaylee currently attends Iowa State University where she is studying Family and Consumer Sciences. Around camp, Kaylee is known for her boundless energy and enthusiasm.

In her free time, Kaylee likes to swim, golf, and read. She also really enjoys going to plays and musicals. Kaylee is a very social person and enjoys being around people. When asked to share some fun facts about herself, Kaylee said she “absolutely loooooooves mac and cheese.” Not only does she like to eat it, but she likes to make it for other people as well. For her, it’s a great way to show care for another person.

Kaylee has a really interesting way to connect with God. She likes to swim laps! “When I’m in the water I don’t get distracted by the people around me, I just have time to listen. I also push myself to do better and go faster and this reminds me that God has given me a good and capable body, and I shouldn’t create my own limits but allow God to lead.”

For her campers, Kaylee has one message that she hopes you learn during your time at camp: “You are already capable of sharing the love of Christ. So are the people that are older and younger than you. So listen, but also start teaching people of all ages. Don’t set up limits, or age requirements.”

Kaylee’s favorite Bible verse is Psalm 61:2: “When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I.”