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Paul and Ethan

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Paul and Ethan

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes at Camp Wyoming.  There are people who cook the food, clean the facilities, answer the phones—people who you might never have met during a typical week at summer camp.  However, without these people, that typical week at summer camp might not be able to happen.  We... read more

Summer Staff

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Summer Staff

Being a camp counselor is a rewarding experience.  However, it’s also not the easiest of jobs.  At Camp Wyoming, we applaud the young adults who choose to spend their summers living in tents, singing camp songs, and cheering on their campers.  It’s certainly not a job for the faint of heart, and it takes commitment,... read more

Welcome From A.J. Plummer

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Meet A.J. Plummer, the Associate Director here at Camp Wyoming!  A.J. has been working hard getting the site and staff ready for this summer.  In the video below, A.J. introduces himself, the summer program, and invites you to share in his excitement as we prepare for a summer with your kids!

Camp Counselor vs. Intern

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In February of this year, the New York Times published an article titled “The Camp Counselor vs. the Intern.”  Read the article here (  The article’s author, Dan Fleshler, told the story of his daughter who is planning to work as a camp counselor this summer.  He advised against it, pointing at her resume and... read more

Thank You Volunteers

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Throughout the year and especially during the summer camp program, many people come together to help make camp everything it can be.  This summer, we had volunteers from within the camp community who came and gave their time for a week to serve as counselors.  Even people who had never been to Camp Wyoming before... read more