Daily Updates

Wet Wednesday

by Lily Smith on June 27,2018 in Daily Updates with No Comments

On a warm Wednesday, Camp Wyoming campers had a schedule full of fun things to do to hang out and cool off. Here’s what we were up to today: Pirates: The Pirates sailed the Seven Seas today, by building cardboard boats and racing them at the pool. They walked the plank and swam. They finished... read more

Big Time Tuesday

by Lily Smith on June 26,2018 in Daily Updates Uncategorized with No Comments

Big Time Tuesday DCIM100GOPROGOPR0897.JPG

Camp Wyoming campers took on Tuesday with gusto! Here’s what we did today: Pirates: Pirate campers spent time today swimming, hiking to Horsethief cave, and playing in the zorb balls. They also tried out the sling shots before lunch. Pioneers: The Pioneers launched rockets and played Human Hoosball just before lunch, then relaxing in the... read more

First Day Out

by Lily Smith on June 25,2018 in Daily Updates with No Comments

It was a beautiful first day of camp at Camp Wyoming! Here’s what each group spent time doing:   Pirates: The Pirates enjoyed their first day, spending time at the Challenge Course, Human Foosball, walking the plank at the pool, and a treasure hunt before dinner! Pioneers: Pioneer campers spent their day building rockets, swimming... read more

Parting Clouds

by Lily Smith on June 21,2018 in Daily Updates with No Comments

The weather remained gloomy today, but the Camp Wyoming grounds were warm with fun and smiles on our last full day. Here’s what each group did today: Explorers: The Explorers began their only full day at camp with kayaking, then stopped by arts and crafts and swimming in the afternoon. Discovery: Discovery campers launched rockets... read more

Rainy Wednesday

by Lily Smith on June 20,2018 in Daily Updates with No Comments

Rainy Wednesday

Once again, the rain has attempted, but not succeeded, to chase Camp Wyoming campers indoors. Every moment possible today was spent enjoying today’s cooler weather. Discovery: Discovery campers enjoyed a morning hike to Horsethief Cave and afternoon water activities of swimming and SuperSoakers before arts and crafts. Pioneers: The Pioneers had an active day both... read more