“My oldest daughter told me, ‘Every time I come back from camp, I feel so good about myself.’  She talked about how, throughout the whole week, their focus was on how God loves her and made her the way she is.  The fact that that is what she took away from camp is priceless.” -Amy, Parent of a Settlers camper

“Just used the new site and LOVE it! Got the kids registered for camp this summer and it was so simple. Thanks for the updated site.” -Ann Clark, Parent of a Sports camper

“Camp Wyoming is a wonderful place for my boys, especially when they can experience God in the most pure and authentic setting.” -Melody, Parent of a Pioneer Camper

“He spoke very highly of the staff and the things he learned.  For him to be nervous about going at first to asking when he could go again, shows that your camp is a place that kids really enjoy.” -Jessica, Parent of a Discovery camper

“My daughter was getting ready to enter high school and was starting to question everything about herself.  She was much more grounded when she came home.” -Darcy, Parent of a MAD 2 camper

“Before he arrived, Carter said he just wanted to play video games at camp.  After one day of participating in the outdoor activities, he never wanted to leave.” -Chuck, Parent of an Explorer camper

“My daughter has learned to develop skills on her own, like making friends and doing things that she might not otherwise do.  Thanks so much for what Camp Wyoming has given to my daughter!” -Victoria, Parent of a Thrill Seekers 2 camper

“She felt connected with her counselors.  You train them well, and at the end of the day it’s really about the relationships with each other and with God.” -Heather, Parent of a Pioneer camper