Deer Meadow

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Deer Meadow is central to most of the activities at Camp Wyoming, and there are lots of things to do here.

GaGa Ball is a favorite game for campers and rental groups. Hit the ball at the other players’ legs to get them out, but don’t hit them above the waist, or you’re out! The last player to not get hit is the winner.

Volleyball¬†is a fun game for all ages. For a little more exciting game, especially on cool days, switch out the volleyball for water balloons, and use towels to toss them over the net at the other team! Our older campers enjoy playing games with our 4 foot high “earth ball.”

9-Square keeps all of the players on their toes. Hit the ball within the grid created in the air by the 9-square court. If the ball falls within your square, you are out, and everyone else moves up a square. Try to reach the middle square to be the top player!

Field Games are always popular in Deer Meadow. Campers enjoy games like soccer, kickball, ultimate Frisbee, baseball and football. Camp Wyoming has plenty of sports and games equipment for groups looking to start a game.

Frisbee Golf is popular among campers and rental groups. Camp Wyoming can provide you with a map of the course and Frisbee discs to use during play.

Bubble Soccer is a much-loved (although tiring) activity here at Camp Wyoming. Players get inside giant balls and attempt to play a game of soccer. Bumping into people on the opposing team can knock them over and give you the chance to steal the ball and score a goal!

Human Foosball takes the beloved table-top game and brings it to life. Plays stand within the court while placing their hands on their assigned spot. They play a game of soccer as if they are the tiny players within the foosball game, sliding back and forth with their teammates.

Other activities to try in Deer Meadow include 4-square, swings, tether ball, and campfires at Bird or Tree Fire Circle.