Horsethief Cave

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Almost every camper who visits Camp Wyoming takes the hike out past P.J. meadow, past the labyrinth, through Cedar Point, and over the Swinging Bridge to Horsethief Cave.  It’s a cave filled with legends and stories that are told and shared each time the cave is visited.  Many groups have Bible studies in the cave or sing worship songs.  Some groups even camp out and spend the night inside, enjoying the refreshingly cool air within—a stark contrast to the summer’s heat.

This infamous Camp Wyoming cave has its own legend, including horse thieves, a daring sheriff, and dynamite! You can ready all about the legend of Horsethief Cave on our blog and even watch as a camp counselor tells his version of the story to his campers. Supposedly, horse bones are still visible in the back of the cave, and there is hidden treasure somewhere in its walls.

Horsethief is definitely the largest cave on the Camp Wyoming site. Rental groups often enjoy making the hike to see the swinging bridge and the cave. Perhaps you will be the one to finally discover the hidden treasure left by those horse thieves from so long ago!