Winter Blues

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Winter Blues

After several days of cold where temperatures rarely climb above zero, your days at summer camp might seem like just a distant memory.  However, we at Camp Wyoming arealready working hard to make sure that this year, in 2014, every child who joins us for summer camp is going to have a wonderful, faith-filled, fun,... read more

Giving Thanks

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Giving Thanks

Naturally, the season of Thanksgiving has us all thinking about the things we’re thankful for.  Some have a tradition of taking turns around the table before the Thanksgiving meal and sharing one thing they are thankful for within the past year.  Some send out cards or letters to all of the people who have blessed... read more

Bearing One Another's Burdens: A Camp Wyoming Story

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Bearing One Another's Burdens: A Camp Wyoming Story Hunter and one of his campers

We want Camp Wyoming to be more than just a fun place to come for a retreat or a week of summer camp.  The faith forming experiences that a person has at camp take on real meaning when they change that person’s life after they leave camp and head back to “real life.”  The following... read more

Technology at Camp

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If you’ve spent a lot of time at camp, or even any time at all, you might think that the words technology and camping don’t really go together.  Camp is a place to get away from the distractions offered by television screens, smart phone apps, laptops, and tablets.  Camp is a place to retreat, to... read more

Family Camp and Families in the Church

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Family Camp and Families in the Church

Last weekend was Family Camp here at Camp Wyoming.  It was a weekend filled with worship, archery, Ga Ga Ball, swimming, biking, and spending time together around the campfire.  We had fun getting to know all of the families who joined us here for this special event as we prepared to say goodbye to the... read more