Ashant'e Jordan

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Ashant'e Jordan

Ashant’e was born in Chicago but grew up in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Currently, she resides in Kalamazoo where she attends Western Michigan University. She’s studying Exercise Science and hopes to become a physical therapist. She’s considering a specialty in Pediatrics or possibly the United States Army. Ashant’e is the third of five children, so she’s used to sharing spaces and being around people. She’s also a very upbeat and positive person. She says, “I smile and laugh a ton. About 80-85% of my day I am smiling, laughing, grinning or giggling.”

Even though Ashant’e has never been to Camp Wyoming, she did grow up going to summer camp, and it was an experience that she loved. She went to a camp in Michigan. It was there that she developed a lifelong friendship with a close friend of hers and got to try so many new things like archery, horseback riding, and water sports that she never would have experienced otherwise. She also said it helped her come out of her shell and be more confident. Now, as a counselor, Ashant’e says, “I am most excited to meet, mentor, and interact with the campers. I am also eager to meet the staff and interact with people that aren’t all (if any) from Michigan and places I’ve never been. Also, I’m excited to find ways to help strengthen my faith.”

When she’s not studying and working hard, Ashant’e likes to sing (usually when she’s by herself), binge watching her favorite TV shows, finding new styles for her hair, and thrift shopping. Lately, she’s also been trying to teach herself American Sign Language. She connects best to God through singing/music. She also likes to go on a walk when she is having a tough day or a rough time at school and just talk with God. She said this is also a favorite thing to do when she has a big decision to make and doesn’t have an immediate answer in front of her.

Ashant’e’s favorite Bible passage is Proverbs 3:5-6: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”