Davonn Boyer

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Davonn Boyer

Davonn prides himself on being the kind of person who can make anyone laugh no matter the circumstances. He’s funny and upbeat, and we know he’s going to be a great addition to our staff this summer. Originally from Chicago, Davonn grew up in Puerto Rico and now lives with his family in Iowa. Family is very important to him and really helps strengthen his relationship with God. He says, “One of my favorite ways to connect with God is by praying with my family. Whenever we are together, whether it be for a family meeting or meal, we often ask each other what we could pray to God for. I feel most connected with God when I pray with them.”

Art is a passion of Davonn’s and he hopes to be able to spend time working on growing his skills after graduating from High School in May of 2023. He likes to draw, read, and sort through his card collection when he isn’t busy with work or school.

Davonn spent a few summers at Camp Wyoming as a kid. He says, “Both years were full of memories I will cherish. I remember the first year, I was feeling homesick, and a counselor comforted me. This helped me enjoy the rest of the camp experience. One of my favorite activities was the caves. The walk there and the time spent with my new friends was tons of fun.” As he thinks about camp this summer, Davonn can’t wait to get to see behind the scenes in the kitchen and all of the new faces he is going to meet.

Davonn’s favorite Bible verse is Genesis 50:20: “‘You intended harm against me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.'” He likes this verse especially because it reminds him that there is always a silver lining when we encounter bad things. God always has a plan for us.