Emma Saskowski

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Emma Saskowski

Emma is excited to return to staff at Camp Wyoming and especially for “helping others grow in their faith journey as I have through camp. ” She’s been coming to camp ever since she was in third grade and completed the Leaders-in-Training program. Camp Wyoming practically runs in Emma’s family. Her mom grew up coming to camp and wanted her kids to have the same wonderful experiences she did. Emma and each of her siblings (she’s one of four) are huge Camp Wyoming fans, sometimes even coming multiple weeks in the same summer. Emma says, “I’m very excited to come back and be a part of this Christian community for the entire summer.”

Emma is from Davenport, Iowa and is a senior at Davenport North High School. She plans to start college at the University of Iowa for music education this fall. In her free time she likes to practice her ukulele, read books, watch Disney movies, or blast show tunes. Some of her hobbies include theater, show choir, cello, piano, and soccer. She definitely knows how to stay busy! Emma is also a huge fan of adventure. She describes herself as a “roller coaster junkie” and says she’s ridden on tons of roller coasters all over the U.S. She’s also been white water rafting, and on that trip, managed to fall out of the raft! Emma refers to that experience as her initiation to the Arkansas River Swim Team, describing how the guides had to stop the raft and blow their whistles as they jumped into the river to save her.

Emma connects best to  God through singing and praying. She says, “Squeeze prayers are my favorite! I love being able to praise God through song, especially in a big group of people!” We can’t wait for her to share all of her gifts here with the Camp Wyoming community.

Emma’s favorite Bible verse is Isaiah 40:8: “The grass withers, the flowers fade, but the word of our God will stand forever.”