Lily Smith

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Lily Smith

Lily is from Des Moines, Iowa and is a student at the University of Iowa where she is double majoring in Journalism & Mass Communications and Political Science. She is so excited to bring her gifts and talents to Camp Wyoming and share them with us at the Media Intern this summer. Currently, she works as the photo editor and staff photojournalist at The Daily Iowan, University of Iowa’s student newspaper. Her job requires her to take pictures of many different kinds of events, her favorite being sporting events. If you haven’t guessed, that means that photography is a big passion of hers, which is what makes her a perfect fit for the Media Intern role at camp this summer. Whenever you see Lily, smile and say cheese for the camera! When she’s not taking pictures, Lily also likes to shoot video, listen to music, read, and journal. She also enjoys pop culture news and trivia. She must also have a love for animals, because at one time in her life, Lily actually had six pets at one time: two cats, two parakeets, and two fish. When you meet her, you’ll have to ask her if she has any pets now.

As a kid, Lily spent 9 summers attending church camp, so adjusting to life at Camp Wyoming will be no problem for her. She loved the opportunity to participate in activities and meet new people and says that she is still friends with some of the people that she met while she was at camp. She admits, “I’ve been missing the camp setting in my life for the last couple of years since I started college. I’ve always felt God most when I’m on Holy Ground, and I’m excited to get back to that mentally centering place this summer while also flexing my photo and video skills.”

Lily says that she connects best to God through writing and singing. She shares, “I connect with Him a lot when I’m journaling my thoughts and ideas. Singing a lot as well, because music is the way I connect with everyone around me, as well as God.” It’s no surprise that she likes to express her thoughts and even her faith through writing. Lily comes from a long line of journalists. Several people in her family have worked or still currently work for newspapers.

Lily’s favorite Bible verse is Micah 4:4: “Everyone shall sit under their own vine and fig tree, and no one shall make them afraid, said the Lord God Almighty.”