Rachel Bell

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Rachel Bell

Rachel is from Cedar Rapids and attends St. Ambrose University where she is majoring in International Studies and Criminology. Rachel is one of those people who is always busy and always on the move! She has been involved in cheerleading, musical theater, tennis, and journalism, and she is always working and trying new things. Some of her other hobbies include writing, thrift shopping, cooking, and going on picnics. Of course, she loves crafting (which is why she’s perfect to be the Arts & Crafts Instructor this summer). She says she can often be found attempting all kinds of DIY projects from Pintrest. What are some of her special skills? Rachel boasts of being able to sing the alphabet backward and claims that she has the entire “All Star” song from Shrek memorized and can sing it word for word.

Staying busy doesn’t keep Rachel from connecting with God. She says, “Since I’m always running around town to another activity, I’ve learned to love worshipping God in the car (as crazy as that seems). There’s nothing better than rolling the window all the way down and turning the worship station all the way up while singing your heart out!” Rachel is so excited to be a part of the Camp Wyoming staff this summer. When asked what she was most looking forward to, she said, “Being in a Christ-centered community. When all your guards can be let down and judgments let loose, there’s so much room open for Christ and everything this summer has to offer!”

This will be Rachel’s second summer on staff at Camp Wyoming, and she’s the perfect Arts & Crafts Instructor. She didn’t truly have the chance to attend summer camp when she was a kid, but she looks back fondly on outdoor adventures and experiences during her childhood. She describes camping in the backyard with siblings and friends, riding horses, and enjoying swimming, fishing, and paddle boating in a pond near her house. Despite all of her outdoor adventures, she admits that she’s terrified of frogs and is a little leery of Camp Wyoming’s Frog Pond. Even knowing there is a strong possibility that she will encounter a frog (or two or three or four) at camp this summer, Rachel says that she couldn’t be more excited to return and reunite with all of her camp friends.

Rachel’s favorite Bible verse is Proverbs 3:5-6: “Trust in the lord with all your strength and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways submit to him and he will make your paths straight.” She says, “There’s something so reassuring about this verse in that God is always in charge. It takes a weight off of my shoulders every time I think of it.”