Rebekah Lockhart

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Rebekah Lockhart
Rebekah was born and raised in Los Alamos, New Mexico. She lived in the same house and bedroom for 18 years until she moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico for college. She currently attends New Mexico State University and just finished her junior year. She is pursuing a degree in Secondary Education with hopes of teaching high school government and economics.
Rebekah loves all kinds of sports, but her favorite is rugby. She has been playing this sport for 7 years now. If Rebekah isn’t outside playing sports, hiking, or exploring, she is most likely inside. When inside Rebekah loves to try new recipes and take lots of naps. A quirky little thing about Rebekah is definitely her laugh. As her friends say, it changes every time, it can be anything from a quiet wheeze to a loud cackle.
The best way Rebekah loves to connect with God is through quiet times or while driving. She loves to set aside time in the morning to do a study and get into the bible. When driving she loves to say quick prayers and sing worship music at the top of her lungs. As a kid Rebekah attended a lot of different camps both in the summer and winter. Every camp she has gone to has helped her to develop a deep and personal relationship with God. We are so excited for her to return to Camp Wyoming for her second summer with us. She is looking forward to working with kids and being able to be an influence and delight in their life.
Picking a favorite bible verse is difficult, but one verse Rebekah is constantly thinking about is 2 Corinthians 7:16, “I rejoice, because I have complete confidence in you.”