Simon Ross

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Simon Ross

Simon may have never been to Camp Wyoming before, but he is no stranger to camping. He has grown up in the small coastal town of Esperence, which is on the boarder of the South East of Western of Australia (fun fact: Esperance means hope in French). Simon has lived in Esperence his entire life, and says, “It’s a main tourist destination for our beaches (if you like to make the distance) – mostly famous for ‘Lucky Bay’ where kangaroos lay on the beach and the sand is so white it squeaks beneath your feet. The coast line is littered with pine trees on the border before you look out and see numerous islands on the horizon. The beaches are gorgeous and make for great adventures, if the water wasn’t incredibly cold all the time.” It is here where Simon has done most of his camping and exploring. He describes climbing on the rocks looking for crabs, jetty jumping, swimming, body surfing, and avoiding jelly fish at all cost! He likes to go camping on the sand dunes, surviving on minimal supplies. He and friends or family will set up tents, go hiking, and have adventures in the middle of nowhere!

Simon went to Esperance Anglican Community School and graduated at the end of 2017. When asked to describe himself, he said, “I have been told I have a wicked sense of humor that is expressed through some out-of-place dad jokes and my facial expressions. It’s a super fun feeling being able to make someone laugh.” He loves classic movies like everything from Back to the Future to Disney to The Muppets. His loves spending time just eating cold pizza and watching a favorite movie. He also loves to draw and claims it runs in his family. They have a bit of an art streak, where both his sister and his mom draw as well. He says his dad can draw, too, he just chooses not to. He also enjoys theater and drama. Simon describes: “Drama has allowed me to be more expressive, positive and out going to involve myself in things when I never felt possible.”

What is he looking forward to at Camp Wyoming this summer? Simon says, “I always enjoy being able to make someone smile – so I’m most looking forward to being able to help the kids have an awesome time whilst enjoying myself also. Might sound like a bit of a cheese overload, but if the kids are smiling and having a good time, knowing that I am helping out in a way, it would be the most rewarding thing ever over the summer.” He feels like he connects best with God through being on his own and enjoying the environment around him, and Simon can’t wait to do that at camp.

Simon’s favorite Bible verse is Proverbs 22:6: “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” He says, “I quite like this verse because in a way I am able to relate to it. Growing up my parents had been a huge influence on me – my Dad in particular taught me many lessons on how to deal with problems and how to face them. It had also impacted me in the way that I still enjoy the innocence of being a kid – it speaks saying that once you have been brought up in a way that you understand, it will never leave you, and in many ways, I am still a huge child at heart but with the hopeful knowledge of doing what’s best.”