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The New Road to Camp

by Stacie Hoppman on January 11,2022 in Camp Talk Parents with No Comments

The New Road to Camp Summer camp. Type those words into a Google search, and you’ll get 1,440,000,000 results in just .87 seconds. We live in a world where information, photos, data, and resources can be accessed digitally in less time than it takes to snap your fingers. It used to be that in order to experience camp and this […] read more

Preparing Kids for Adulthood

by Stacie Hoppman on December 6,2021 in Camp Talk Parents Summer Camp with No Comments

Preparing Kids for Adulthood Being a parent is a huge, scary, overwhelming, and honoring responsibility. If you do it correctly, you are preparing your child to become a thriving, happy, and responsible adult. It’s no small task. In this day, parents have more to worry about than ever before. Is all that screen time damaging their intellect and social […] read more

The Discomfort of a Challenge

by Stacie Hoppman on October 5,2021 in Camp Talk Parents with No Comments

The Discomfort of a Challenge Many of us would agree that we like to be comfortable. When we are comfortable, we feel safe, restful, comfy, and relaxed. The word might evoke visions of snuggling under the covers at bedtime, sinking into a cushioned recliner, or entering a crowded room with a friend on each arm. However, when we leave that […] read more

The Fruit of the Spirit

by Stacie Hoppman on September 7,2021 in Growing Faith with No Comments

The Fruit of the Spirit Of course, one of the best parts of summer camp is all the fun to be had. There are color war games and pedal karts and corcls and mud slides. But there is also space for worship, faith conversations, stories, and Scripture. At camp, we aren’t bound by the limitations of a building, which means […] read more

We Are Thriving This Thursday

by Sydnie Sanford on July 29,2021 in Daily Updates with No Comments

We Are Thriving This Thursday Wow I can’t believe this was our last full day! Don’t worry it did not disappoint, keep reading to see what all of our campers did today! Discovery:  Our Discos had a great day today! Some of them went on a hike and did archery, and our other group did slip ‘n slide, and sling […] read more