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On the Mountaintop

by Stacie Hoppman on April 9,2021 in Growing Faith with No Comments

On the Mountaintop Summer camp is a mountaintop. Not a literal one. If you’ve been to Camp Wyoming, you know that while we do have some steep hills, there are no mountains here. However, this is a place where people often find themselves on the mountaintop of faith. What does that mean? This expression comes from Matthew chapter […] read more

The Social Dilemma and Camp

by Stacie Hoppman on February 16,2021 in Camp Talk Parents with No Comments

The Social Dilemma and Camp In September of this year, the documentary The Social Dilemma was released on Netflix. It sparked many conversations about safe and healthy use of social media as well as its impact on our culture, society, beliefs, and ideas. The film addressed the unseen dangers lurking beneath the surface of our social media use. Not all […] read more

The Pandemic Has Taken Its Toll. Summer Camp Will Help.

by Stacie Hoppman on January 28,2021 in Camp Talk Parents Summer Camp with No Comments

The Pandemic Has Taken Its Toll. Summer Camp Will Help. We all know about the great physical benefits that summer camp brings to kids. Being outside in the sunshine where they are moving and active is a great experience for children and youth. However, camp also actively improves the mental health of attendees. At camp, kids experience community, authentic relationships, and friendship. As they turn […] read more

We Can Do Hard Things

by Stacie Hoppman on December 22,2020 in Camp Talk Parents with No Comments

We Can Do Hard Things Going to camp for the first time can be scary. The familiar pieces of a child’s life are interrupted at camp as they sleep in a strange bed, eat different foods, are surrounded by different people, and experience different things. Especially for kids who haven’t been away from home or families before, a week at […] read more

Memories All Your Own

by Stacie Hoppman on September 25,2020 in Camp Talk Parents with No Comments

Memories All Your Own We live in a very connected world. Can you remember a time before email, text messaging, and social media allowed us to receive news instantaneously? When I (Stacie) was 15, I got a pen pal. We used to write each other actual letters that we would send across the country to each other. I remember […] read more