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The Dinner Table

by Stacie Hoppman on January 8,2020 in Camp Talk with No Comments

The Dinner Table One of the most magical parts of camp doesn’t take place in the challenge course or in a cave or in a corcl boat. Actually, one of the best, most transformative parts of camp takes place around the dinner table. Sunday night, when all the campers gather for their first meal together, the dining hall […] read more

Prepare for the Future. Work at Summer Camp.

by Stacie Hoppman on December 6,2019 in Camp Staff Camp Talk with No Comments

Prepare for the Future. Work at Summer Camp. Not only is the college application process becoming more competitive and strenuous, but so is the job search once students leave college. So how can you ensure that you are most prepared for success in the workforce? Work at summer camp. It might sound like just a fun summer, but there are so many reasons […] read more

Super Wacky Adventure Time

by Stacie Hoppman on October 23,2019 in Camp Talk Sites and Activities Summer Camp with No Comments

Super Wacky Adventure Time One of the best parts of camp is the traditions. You can count on gathering together around the campfire on Sunday night to worship in community. You can count on meals in the dining hall or cooked over the fire, but always shared together as a group so that you have a place at the […] read more

How to Stay Connected to Camp After Camp is Ended

by Stacie Hoppman on September 24,2019 in Camp Talk with No Comments

How to Stay Connected to Camp After Camp is Ended Summer camp is such a special part of a child’s life. During their six days at camp, they make so many memories, meet so many friends, and learn so many new things. When parents come to pick them up on the final day, it is a bittersweet moment. Of course, campers are happy to see […] read more

Back to School

by Stacie Hoppman on August 27,2019 in Camp Talk Growing Faith with No Comments

Back to School It’s that time of year. Everyone has been posting their back to school pictures. Teachers have decorated their classrooms and planned their curriculum. Students have filled their backpacks and are filing back into the hallways, ready to meet new friends, face new challenges, and start new classes. Where does summer camp fit into the buzz […] read more