Wild Wednesday

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Wild Wednesday

Paint Wars

Certainly the most iconic of our Color Wars games is Paint Wars. Campers carry around cups of their team’s color paint and dump it on each other in games such as time trials, capture the flag, and free for all. Campers start the evening with a plain white shirt, but after paint wars, they are covered head to toe in red, blue, green, and orange.

Here is a look at each team’s activities today.


We welcomed a new group of Explorers to our camp this afternoon. They made it just in time for some swimming and group games.


Discovery had a full day today starting with creek stomping and getting muddy. After that they shot slingshots, had Bible study, were tested on the challenge course, and went swimming.

Lewis Pioneers 

Lewis Pioneers spent time on Frog Pond this morning in kayaks and Corcls. In the afternoon, they went swimming, practiced archery, and had arts and crafts.

Clark Pioneers 

Clark Pioneers went creek stomping this morning and got muddy. In the afternoon, they had arts and crafts and went swimming. 

Music, Art, and Drama

MAD campers had a painting class this morning with a guest instructor and got to make some wonderful artwork. The rest of the day, they had karaoke, swimming, recorded a TikTok, and had a cookout dinner.


Middlers played human foosball, went swimming, and took an off-site trip to Warden’s Cave in the afternoon.

Thrill Seekers

Thrill Seekers left this morning for an overnight kayak trip on the Maquoketa River. They will get to go through some whitewater parks, play games, and have cookouts.


CIT campers returned to camp this morning and unpacked from their trip. They lead games and Bible study with the younger camp groups today.