Camp Talk

25 Signs You're Ready for Summer

By Stacie Hoppman March 11, 2016
  1. You started wearing shorts and a t-shirt once the temperature got above 50 degrees.
  2. You get visibly excited whenever someone talks about the last day of school.
  3. Whenever you’re inside, you just stare out the window and wish you were outside.IMG_3374
  4. You changed your Facebook cover photo to a picture of you and your friends last summer.
  5. You bought several new pairs of sunglasses.
  6. Your dreams are filled with beaches and lounging by the pool.IMG_3195
  7. Homework is even more of a chore, because the sun outside keeps calling your name!
  8. You packed your winter coat away. Won’t be needing that any time soon!
  9. You and your friends have already started a list of the things you want to do and the trips you want to take this summer.DSC_0092
  10. You painted your toe nails so they’ll look good when you finally break out the flip flops.
  11. You started swim suit shopping.
  12. You walk outside just to remind yourself what the sun feels like.
  13. You did a Google search to see how many fun summer things are happening in your area.
  14. You’ve started ignoring your alarm clock…or dreaming of the day when you finally will be able to turn it off for those summer months.IMG_2015
  15. You pumped up the tires of your bike.
  16. You started a countdown to the last day of school.
  17. You check the weather app on your phone multiple times a day to see how many times the weather will get above 60 degrees in the next two weeks.
  18. You went shopping for a trampoline.
  19. You’re excited for finals week because it means the end of the semester.
  20. You stocked up on s’more supplies in anticipation for summer campfires.IMG_5828
  21. You got your “summer buzz cut.”
  22. You filled your freezer with “freezy pops” and ice cream treats.
  23. You set up the sprinkler in the backyard and ran through the freezing water a couple of times.
  24. You doodle “I love summer” on all of your homework papers.
  25. You registered for summer camp at Camp Wyoming!IMG_5138