A Buzzing Tuesday!

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A Buzzing Tuesday!

Explorer 🍁

Our Explorers checked out today but before they left they visited the SlingShots, slid down the Slip ‘n Slide, and went Swimming! After lunch they had Bible Study and Arts & Crafts before heading out!


Discovery campers visited the Archery range today after some Arts & Crafts, then after lunch  they rolled around in the Zorb Balls and went Swimming!

Sports I ⚽️

Sports I started their day with an intense soccer game followed by Nuke ‘Em! Then they rested up in anticipation for Zorb Balls and Kayaking (and rescuing a corcling counselor)!

Pioneers 🧭

The Pioneers got nice and muddy today after going Creek Stomping after getting rolled around in the Zorb Balls! After a good meal they went swimming and visited the Challenge Course!


MAD Campers had a busy day today as they Corcled and Kayaked, swam, created a skit for worship and had a cookout! They perform the skit tonight and I’m sure it will be great!

Middlers 🌸

The Middlers created some craft boxes in Arts & Crafts today, but only after doing Archery, playing Bubble Soccer, and having a Cookout Lunch!

Thrill Seekers 🎢

The Thrill Seekers stayed true to their name as they took on a High Ropes Course at Camp Shalom! Before they left for that adventure they played Bubble Soccer and had Bible Study!

Mission Camp

The Mission Camp made it safely to St. Louis and got busy doing yard work for the eldery, painting houses, and visited the Gateway Arch!