A Magical Marvelous Monday

by on July 26,2021 in Daily Updates with No Comments

A Magical Marvelous Monday

Hello everyone! Welcome to day one of the blog post where I will be keeping you guys up to date on what our campers do each day. Keep reading to see what they were up to on this very sunny Monday!


The Discovery Campers had a great day today! They did corlcs in frog pond, and caught lots of frogs, did sling shots, human foosball, and they played a unit activity!

Pioneer Lewis: 

The Lewis Pioneers started their day off with Human Foosball, then they completed the challenge course, and went swimming!

Pioneer Clark: 

The Clark Pioneers started their day off with building and launching rockets, then they raced each other in pedal carts, and did sling shots!

Final Countdown: 

The Final Countdown campers had a super fun day! They were able to choose their own activities, some of their options were, creek stomping, hiking to Horsethief Cave, archery, and building and launching rockets!