Masterpiece Monday

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Masterpiece Monday

Hello everyone, welcome to day one of the daily blog posts! I will be posting every day, keeping you guys up to date on all the fun activities we do! Keep reading to see what our campers did today!


The Discovery kids had a great day today! They started their day off by doing corcls in frog pond, then they swam, and completed the challenge course!


The Pirates started their day off by going on the slip ‘n slide, then they swam, did sling shots, and had a treasure hunt!

Pioneer Lewis: 

The Lewis Pioneers did a ton of fun stuff today! They played human foosball, swam, did arts and crafts, and completed the challenge course!

Pioneer Clark: 

The Clark Pioneers started their day off by building and launching rockets, afterwords they raced each other in pedal cards, and swam!


The middlers started their day off by completed the islands at the challenge course, then they did arts and crafts, human foosball, and swam!

Sports II: 

The Sports II campers started their day off with an intense game of soccer, then they built and launched rockets, and did archery!

Night Owls: 

The Night Owls stayed up until 2am last night! Before they went to bed they played capture the flag and did fire spinning! After they woke up some of them went to Werden’s Cave, and the others built and launched rockets!