A Memorable Thursday

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A Memorable Thursday

As our Unit Directors get ready to introduce a new game to the campers, lets check up on what has happened before that…

Explorer 🍁

Explorers played in the water a lot today as they went Creek Stomping, played with the Slip n’ Slide and SuperSoakers, and went swimming!


Discovery campers opened their day with a trip to the Challenge Course followed by building and launching rockets! Later they went on a hike to Horsethief Cave and cooled down with a trip to the pool!

Sports I ⚽️

Sports I took a ride down the mud slide while they went Creek Stomping today, they followed that with a lunch cookout and ended their day with a good ol’ game of wiffle ball!

Pioneers 🧭

After the Pioneers got back from their camp out and had time to readjust they headed down to the Archery range, and followed that with building and launching rockets and racing on the Pedal Karts!


MAD Campers started strong with Karaoke this morning and followed it with Bible Study and building their rockets. They launched those rockets this afternoon and then hung out in Hickory making animal masks!

Middlers 🌸

Middlers shot some rocks at Sling Shots and tossed a large ball, by which I mean the Earth Ball this morning and then relaxed as they floated down the Maquoketa river on a tubing trip!

Thrill Seekers 🎢

The Thrill Seekers finished their overnight trip with a breakfast cookout and made it back in time to have Bible study and play Earth Ball with the Middlers. After lunch they trekked up and down a hill to Werden’s Cave!