A Thrilling Thursday

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A Thrilling Thursday

This week has flown by; I can’t believe it’s already the last full day! Here are some of the fun things we did today!


The Discovery kids had a great day! They started their day off with sling shots, then they went on the slip ‘n slide, human foosball, and arts and crafts!

Sports I:

The sports boys built and launched rockets, played disc golf, broom ball, and also had a cookout dinner!

Pioneer Lewis: 

The Lewis Pioneer’s started their day off with creek stomping, they also went swimming, and did archery!


Pioneer Clark: 

The Clark Pioneer’s did corcls in frog pond, arts and crafts, and had a cookout for lunch where they made hot dogs!


The Middlers had a great day today! They started their day by building and launching rockets, then they played earth ball with the Thrill Seekers, and went to arts and crafts!

Thrill Seekers: 

The Thrill Seekers started their day off by going to Werden’s cave! Afterwards they played earth ball, did kayak polo, and went swimming!


The Seniors spent their day soaking up the sun at Central Park! They swam, played games, had a cookout lunch, and more!

Counselors in Training: 

The CIT’s learned a lot today! They learned how to lead and prep for a bible study, and were able to lead an activity for the Pioneer’s!