A Thriving Thursday

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A Thriving Thursday

Wow! I can’t believe today was the last full day! This week has been so much fun; keep reading to see what all of our campers did today!


The Explorers had a great day today! They started their day off by creek stomping, then they swam, and did arts and crafts!


The Discovery campers did lots of fun activities today! They did corcls in frog pond, swam, and did a unit activity!

Sports I:

The Sports campers started their day off at frog pond where they used the corcls, then they played broomball, and had a cookout dinner!


The Pioneer’s had a super fun day! They built and launched rockets, raced pedal carts, and did a unit activity with the Music, Arts, and Drama camp!

Music, Arts, and Drama: 

The MAD camp did arts and crafts, a unit activity with the Pioneer’s, karaoke, and archery!


The middlers had a great day! They ended up going on their tubing trip today instead of yesterday, and they did arts and crafts and swam!

Water Adventures: 

The Water Adventures went tubing today, played earth ball, and did arts and crafts!