A Totally Awesome Tuesday

by on July 21,2021 in Daily Updates with No Comments

A Totally Awesome Tuesday

Hello everyone; today was such a fun day! Keep reading the blog post to see what all of our campers were up to on this awesome Tuesday!


The Disco kids started their day off by going on a hike to Horsethief Cave, then they built and launched rockets, and did archery!


The Pirates had a lot of fun today! They did arts and crafts, built and launched rockets, and completed the challenge course!

Pioneer Lewis: 

The Lewis Pioneers started their day off by doing corlcs at frog pond, then they did slip ‘n slide, and hiked to Horsetheif Cave!

Pioneer Clark: 

The Clark Pioneers had a super awesome day! They went creek stomping, completed the challenge course, and went swimming!


The middlers started their day off with a trip to Werden’s Cave, then they swam and had a cookout dinner!

Sports II: 

The sports group started their day off with a game of flag football, then they played kayak polo, and kickball!

Night Owls: 

The Night Owls stayed up until 4am last night! Before they went to bed they had a cookout dinner and played extreme spoons. When they woke up they swam and played earth ball.