A Whimsical Wednesday

by on June 23,2021 in Daily Updates with No Comments

A Whimsical Wednesday

We had a great Wednesday; I can’t believe tomorrow is our last full day! Here are some of the things we did today!


Today the Discovery kids started their day with creek stomping, afterwards they went to arts and crafts, then had a cookout for dinner!

Pioneer Lewis

The Lewis Pioneer’s built and launched rockets, had a cookout for lunch, and raced each other on our new pedal carts!

Pioneer Clark

The Clark Pioneer’s started their day with archery, then they cooled off during slip and slide, and after lunch they went on a hike to Horsetheif cave!


Today the Middler’s did kayak polo at frog pond, arts and crafts, and spent there afternoon on an off site trip going tubing!

Water Adventures

The Water Adventures spent their day at the Water Park! Yesterday they had a blast at Central Park and took lots of pictures for us! After the water park they will join us for evening color war games!

Night Owls

The Night owls had their longest night yet; they didn’t go to sleep until 6 am! When they woke up they had a breakfast cookout, then had game time in the meadow, and afterwards did archery!

High School Night Owls

The High School Night Owls had tons of fun going to Werden’s cave last night! They also went to bed at 6am and started their morning at 2pm with a breakfast cookout, then completed the challenge course together!