Camp Talk Summer Camp Parents

All I Really Need to Know I Learned at Camp

By Stacie Hoppman November 7, 2014

Here are some of the many things you might learn at summer camp. Some of them are obvious. Some of them are not so obvious. All of them are important.

  1. I am capable of taking care of myself. I brushed my teeth today, and no one even told me to do it!
  2. When you build a fire, you start with the little sticks and work your way up.
  3. You can never have too many extra pairs of socks.
  4. GaGa Ball is way more fun than video games.
  5. There are millions of stars in the sky, and no matter how many times you look, it’s still beautiful. God did a good job.
  6. Sharing with others is a great way to make friends.
  7. Always wear sunscreen when you are canoeing or tubing on the river. Always.IMG_7973
  8. Sometimes, the dirtier you are willing to get, the more fun you are going to have.
  9. One of the best feelings in the world is trying something you are afraid of…and succeeding!
  10. When the hand goes up, the mouth goes shut.
  11. “Snail mail” is thrilling. You are going to start writing more letters.
  12. Teamwork can be a lot of fun, and then no one has to do the hard work alone.
  13. It’s okay to be silly sometimes.
  14. If you wear the same clothes more than three days in a row, even your friends will stop wanting to sit next to you.
  15. Try something new everyday. You’ll surprise yourself.
  16. Cleaning is important. No one likes using a dirty bathroom.
  17. The fastest way to the top of the hill is the route with the least amount of complaining.
  18. When your friend is homesick, the best thing you can do is give them a big hug.
  19. Bare feet and/or flip flops are not usually good choices in footwear.
  20. Leaves of three…let them be!
  21. There are lots of foods I like that I was never willing to try before.
  22. Gnats hate the smell of vanilla.
  23. Take advantage of FOB (rest hour). You’re going to need the energy boost.IMG_6606
  24. You can make so many different meals over a campfire!
  25. The game always goes better when everyone plays fair.
  26. Smiling at someone can make their day so much brighter.
  27. Worship can be fun!
  28. The best leaders are the ones who care about you and listen to you.
  29. Don’t eat just any berry you find growing in the woods.
  30. Hitting the bull’s eye in archery will leave you feeling on top of the world for the rest of the day.
  31. When you hurt someone, say sorry.IMG_9929
  32. The zip line is more fun if you scream.
  33. When kayaking, paddle on the right to go left. Paddle on the left to go right. Avoid running into other kayakers.
  34. The challenge course is supposed to be challenging.
  35. You’ll go farther on the slip ‘n slide if you get a running start.
  36. Double check that you have everything before you leave.
  37. “Do a little dance for Jesus…you’ll be right.”
  38. Scary noises in the dark aren’t really that scary.
  39. Always use the bathroom before going on a long hike.
  40. Don’t run by the pool. Or around campfire benches. Or on gravel. Or on the slip ‘n slide.
  41. Tiki torches are great for seeing in the dark.
  42. Running around all day means you’ll sleep so much better at night.
  43. My faith is important.
  44. A flashlight will make the cave a lot less scary.
  45. I’m actually pretty creative. My leaf painting/stepping stone/tie dye shirt turned out great!
  46. Sometimes trying something is the most important thing.
  47. Don’t leave your towel outside when it’s supposed to rain.
  48. The world is so much more interesting when I’m not always distracted by my phone.
  49. The best friends are the ones you can be yourself around.
  50. My group really will catch me when I do the trust fall.
  51. Mosquitoes might be the most annoying creatures on the planet.
  52. Drink lots of water.IMG_9571
  53. There’s no such thing as having too many friends.
  54. Travel with a buddy. Never travel alone.
  55. Spiders will, for the most part, leave you alone. There’s no need to scream when you see them.
  56. If you keep your stuff organized, you’re less likely to lose things.
  57. Camp counselors are some of the coolest people around.
  58. Wash your hands after using the bathroom and before you eat.
  59. Being away from your parents for a week isn’t as hard as expected.
  60. Seeing your parents after you’ve been away for a week is a wonderful feeling.
  61. Worship can be in the pool. “Spring up a well…GUSH GUSH GUSH GUSH…within my soul!”
  62. 9-Square is addicting. I have to get to that center square!
  63. The best games are the ones that everyone can play.
  64. I am responsible for me.IMG_7295
  65. Singing around a campfire is the best way to end a day.
  66. Everyone has something they can teach, and we all have things to learn.
  67. Never ignore the lifeguard’s whistle.
  68. Shoes and no socks equals blisters.
  69. Different doesn’t mean bad.
  70. Lights out means flashlights, too.
  71. Nature is not my pet. Nature should stay in nature.
  72. The sound of quiet can be beautiful. You just have to stop talking long enough to notice.
  73. Be nice to other people. Usually, that means they’ll be nice to you, as well.
  74. Ultimate GaGa Ball is a very serious sport.
  75. It’s okay to not be the best at everything. Just have fun while you’re doing it.
  76. Sing loudly, even if you sing off-key.
  77. Crying doesn’t mean you’re a baby.
  78. There is ALWAYS stuff to do. You can’t be bored at camp.
  79. Best friends are the ones who love you even though you smell bad.
  80. Step out of your comfort zone. It’s thrilling.
  81. Do your part. Other people are counting on you.
  82. Flip flops are perfect for smashing bugs crawling near your bed.
  83. Never pack candy or food in your bag. Every critter in the woods will be trying to get to your snacks.
  84. Giving and getting friendship bracelets is an important part of social life.
  85. Wear the arm guards during archery. You might look funny, but you won’t get hurt.IMG_8451
  86. The goal in creek stomping is to get as muddy as possible. If you’re not muddy, you’re not doing it right.
  87. Don’t use up all the photos on your disposable camera on the first day.
  88. If you need help, ask.
  89. One week is all you need to become best friends with someone.
  90. The dinner bell is the most wonderful sound in the world.
  91. Worship can be a big dance party. “Ye-ea-eah, it’s a party with my God today!”
  92. Just because you woke up early does not mean everyone else wants you to wake them up, too.
  93. Some of your best conversations with God happen surrounded by the beauty of the world God created.
  94. There is such a thing as too many s’mores.
  95. Exercise makes you feel good.
  96. Overnight canoe trips are some of the most memorable experiences you can have.
  97. You can make a pizza in a pie iron.
  98. Setting up a tent properly is important for getting a good night sleep.
  99. Wait your turn. Everyone will get a chance to try.
  100. Saying good-bye is really hard.