Another Beautiful Monday!

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Another Beautiful Monday!

As the campers rose from their slumber, Mother Earth welcomed them with a sunny beautiful day, so let’s see how they spent it!

Lewis Pioneers 🧭

Lewis Pioneers got off on the right foot as they hiked to Horsethief Cave this morning and followed that with a game of Human Foosball! In the afternoon they played with SuperSoakers and created paper bag monsters at Arts & Crafts!


Discovery campers started their day with an intense game of Human Foosball followed by some crafting in Hickory! After lunch they spun around in the Corcls at Frog pond before taking a dip in the pool!

Clark Pioneers ⛺️

Clark Pioneers found the best way to cool off was Creek Stomping this morning and followed that with Bible Study! Before dinner they made their way to PJ Meadow to launch rockets and race against each other on the Pedal Karts!

Night Owls A 

The Night Owls woke up bright and early at 10am after staying up until 2 am last night playing Capture the flag and doing fire spinning. Today they went to Werden’s cave and the Challenge Course!

Sports II 

Sports found the Challenge Course especially difficult this morning as they were tasked with solving the All Aboard! They followed that with launching rockets, flag football and soccer!

Night Owls B

Our other Night Owls did Arts and Crafts last night before tapping out at 2am and waking up at 10am. Today they did Archery before lunch and that swam before heading into Werden’s cave and got back just in time for dinner!

Thrill Seekers

The Thrill Seekers set the example as they went to Werden’s this morning before chilling out at Arts and Crafts before lunch. After lunch they swam and shot rocks at Sling Shots!

Extreme Adventure 

Our Extreme Adventure group spent their time on site last night doing the Challenge Course and completing The Wall and The Islands. This morning they packed up and headed to Fondy Aqua Park and Fondy Sports Park and completed their day setting their campsite and having a cookout dinner!