Beat the Heat!

by on July 22,2016 in Daily Updates with No Comments

Beat the Heat!

It was certainly hot out today, but that didn’t stop us from having fun and enjoying our time at camp. We stayed cool by spending time in the air conditioning and having fun doing water activities. Here’s what we were up to today:

Sports I:
The Sports campers went canoeing and did Bible study this morning before cooking lunch over the fire. In the afternoon, they enjoyed going for a swim in the cold pool and then had fun creek stomping and getting really muddy. They finished their day with arts & crafts.

The “Piros” beat the heat this morning by using the slip ‘n slide and SuperSoakers. They also went canoeing and cooked out lunch over the fire. In the afternoon, they did arts & crafts, went swimming, and had Bible study.

The Middlers started their day with challenge course before heading in to the air conditioning for Bible study. They also did sling shots, went swimming, canoeing, and played Bubble Soccer while getting soaked with SuperSoakers!

Thrill Seekers
The Thrill Seekers went on a canoe trip today. They did lots of swimming and cooling off in the river as well. They came back to camp this afternoon to get some relief from the heat by doing Bible study in the air conditioning. Tonight they’ll join the rest of the camp for worship in the pool and spend the night in air-conditioned cabins.

The Seniors went swimming this morning and did Bible study and arts & crafts. After lunch, they left to do the climbing wall and zip line!

Night Owls
The Night Owls woke up at 2pm today! They slept in Horsethief Cave to stay cool. Then they went swimming, played bubble soccer while getting doused with SuperSoakers, and did Bible study on the moon tower at Eden Valley. Tonight, after everyone else goes to bed, they’ll cook out lunch and dinner, go swimming, do arts & crafts, and take an early morning trip to Werden’s Cave. They’ll sleep in our air-conditioned retreat center to get out of the heat.