It's a Beautiful Day

by on July 18,2018 in Daily Updates with No Comments

Camp Wyoming campers had the opportunity to enjoy another beautiful day doing fun activities at camp, and boy, did they take it! Here’s what we did today.


Discovery campers took a morning hike to Horsethief cave, and spent the afternoon swimming, playing on the slip and slide, and doing arts and crafts.

Music, Arts, and Drama:

MAD campers spent time today kayaking, swimming, and having Bible study, as well as working on Seussical.


Pioneer campers spent the morning doing archery and arts and crafts before enjoying a cookout lunch. They hiked to Horsethief cave in the afternoon, and went swimming.


The Middlers creek stomped in the morning, enjoyed a cookout lunch, and swam and played kayak polo in the afternoon.

Night Owls:

Waking up at 2 p.m. today, the Night Owls went creek stomping and swimming before lunch, they’ll play Human Hungry Hippos and do arts and crafts before bed at 4 a.m.

Thrill Seekers:

The Thrill Seekers left on an overnight trip to Lake McBride today, where they’ll swim, paddle board, have a cookout dinner, and group worship.

Extreme Adventures:

The Extreme Adventures campers spent the day rock climbing, having Bible study and enjoying cookout meals.