Beginning of the Finale

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Beginning of the Finale

Today is bittersweet as we start a new week of camp for the last time this summer. But never mind that, lets focus on the now and what happened today!


Discovery campers made some cool shields at Arts & Crafts, floated around on Corcls, and slid down the Slip n’ Slide today!

Lewis Pioneers 🧭

Lewis Pioneers decided to get away this morning as they hiked to Horsethief Cave right after activity hour. After lunch they went Creek Stomping and swimming!

Pirates 🏴‍☠️

Pirates started their morning escaping a “marshmallow covered” Challenge Course, followed by building and launching rockets at PJ Meadow! After lunch they hiked to Horsethief Cave and finished their day by walking the plank!

Clark Pioneers ⛺️

Clark Pioneers must have thought it was too hot outside as they went Creek Stomping right away, followed by Bible Study! After some much needed rest time they built and launched rockets, and raced against each other on Pedal Karts!

Final Countdown ⏳

Final Countdown started their morning off easy as they went swimming followed by a game of Battleship H20! After lunch some of the campers went caving or to Central Park while the rest stayed on site and did Archery and played with the Earth Ball!