Camp is Back in Session!

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Camp is Back in Session!

We are two full days into our 2023 traditional camp season! Here is a quick look at what we did today.


Discovery campers started the day by building and launching rockets made out of 2 liter bottles. They played human foosball and rolled around in the inflatable Zorb Balls with the Pirate campers. After lunch, they got to go on the slip n slide and swim in the pool.


The Pirates raced in the pool using boats that they crafted out of cardboard boxes and then had to walk the plank into the waters below. They got to roll in the Zorb Balls with the Discovery campers and got to paddle on Corcls in our very own Frog Pond.

Lewis Pioneers

The Lewis Pioneers started their morning with Zorb Balls and Bible study before grilling food over the fire for a lunch cookout. In the afternoon, they swam, launched homemade rockets, and raced each other in pedal karts.

Clark Pioneers

The Clark Pioneers had Zorb Balls and Bible study in the morning and had to work together in order to overcome obstacles in the challenge course. Later in the day, they swam, played a game of silent football, and enjoyed a cookout dinner over the fire.


Today, Middlers played bubble soccer in the Zorb Balls, swam in the pool and went to arts and crafts. In the afternoon, they took a trip off-site to explore Werden’s Cave.

Water Adventures

Starting their morning off with Bible study, arts and crafts, and bubble soccer, Water Adventure Campers took a trip to Jellystone Aqua Park where they navigated obstacle courses on the water.

Night Owls

The Night Owls had a late night plating carpetball, 9 square, and a midnight cookout. Today they got to go swimming, play bubble soccer, and had a game of kayak polo at Frog Pond.

High School Night Owls

The High School Night Owls stayed up last night playing live mafia, enjoying a late night cookout, and even took a trip to Warden’s cave. Today they played bubble soccer, went swimming and practiced archery.