How to choose the summer camp program that is right for you

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How to choose the summer camp program that is right for you

Camp Wyoming offers so many different options for summer camp. There’s Music, Arts, & Drama, Discovery, Extreme Adventure, Night Owls, Pirates, and more! How do you know which program is right for you? Here’s some helpful tips to consider before you register:

First, have you ever been to camp before? If this is your first year at Camp Wyoming, a general camp program like Discovery (grades 3-4) Pioneer (grades 5-6), or Middlers (grades 7-9) is a great way to get introduced to everything that camp has to offer. These programs are designed to allow kids to get to try as many activities as possible and meet new friends. Of course, you don’t have to be new to come to these programs. Because they don’t have any one specialty focus, they allow kids to try and do a lot of different things, making them extremely popular with many returning campers as well.

Parents of youngers campers entering grades 1-3 should also consider our You & Me and Explorer programs, which offer weekend and partial week (3 day, 2 night) experiences for kids who may not be quite ready for a full week camp.

Now, if you’ve decided that you’d like to move beyond a general camp experience and choose a specialty or themed camp, there are a few things to keep in mind. What are your interests and goals for yourself at camp? What experiences have you already enjoyed and might you like to revisit again? Is there anything you know you won’t enjoy and want to stay away from?

For example, if you are a camper who likes being outdoors, trying new things, adventure, and challenges, you should consider a track that takes you from our general camps (Discovery, Pioneer, and Middlers) to camps like Thrill Seekers (grades 8-9) and Extreme Adventure (grades 10-12). If you are a camper who prefers to be more relaxed and chill, stay in the cabins, and have a lot of down time, then you should consider camps like Night Owls (grades 7-8) or High School Night Owls (grades 9-11) and Final Countdown (grades 7-12).

Campers who like theater or art will love our Music, Arts, & Drama Camp (grades 4-7). This year they will be performing Seussical the Musical. Campers with big imaginations and who love to play and pretend will get a kick out of Pirates (grades 3-5) Camp. Campers who have an interest in sports and staying active should sign up for Sports I (grades 4-5) or Sports II (grades 6-8). If you have a camper who is looking for a good combination of fun, relaxation, and adventure, sign them up for Water Adventures (grades 8-10) where they’ll get to take a river tubing trip, visit a nearby water park, and take a day trip to a nearby lake. Of course, anyone who hates going to bed and loves being up late at night is going to love our Night Owl camps. And one of our favorite camp options for 7th-12th grades is Final Countdown. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure style of camp that makes it the perfect fit for almost anyone, and we throw in crazy color war games, chill out evening sessions and snacks, and Bible studies just for your age group.

There’s a camp program for almost any interest and any kid at Camp Wyoming. If you would like help choosing the right program for you or your child, please give us a call at (563) 488-3893 or email office@campwyoming.net.

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