Cookout Thursday

by on June 26,2015 in Daily Updates with No Comments

Normally, every Wednesday is cookout night at Camp Wyoming, and everyone, no matter what camp they are in, cooks dinner over the fire. However, because we were under a thunderstorm warming last night, no one was able to cook out, so today became “Cookout Thursday.” Here’s what we were up to today:

This group went on a nature hike in the morning. They looked for Luna Moths, mushrooms, frogs, and explored Bobcat Cave. After lunch, they went swimming, and learned about firebuilding.

The Sports campers did archery this morning and played Beta Wolf. They also did arts & crafts, went swimming, and cooked “Pizza Quesadillas” for dinner.

The Pioneers hiked to Horsethief Cave this morning. If you’ve never heard the legend of Horsethief Cave, ask them to share it with you when they get home. They did the challenge course in the afternoon and worked together to master the Islands element.

It was an active morning for the Middlers as they went kayaking and tried out the slip & slide. They did a meditative walk through the labyrinth this afternoon and went swimming.

Thrill Seekers
The Thrill Seekers left on their overnight trip this morning. Because of all the rain we got, the river was too high for them to take their planned canoe trip, so they are camping, hiking, canoeing, and swimming at Central Park Lake.

Night Owls
The Night Owls didn’t wake up until 2pm today! They made homemade ice cream, went swimming, and did archery. Later tonight, after everyone else has gone to sleep, they plan to hike to Mystery Cave.

The LITs also left for their overnight hiking trip this morning. During the trip, they will learn about leading cookouts, behavior management, and do some group bonding sessions.