Cookout Wednesday

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Cookout Wednesday

Today was busy, as usual, and even though it was a little chilly outside, that didn’t keep us from making the most of our time here at camp! Every Wednesday is “cookout night,” so right now, all of the groups are busy eating dinner that they prepared themselves over the fire. Here is what we were doing today:

Explorer Swim I
It was this group’s first day at camp! They had swimming lessons in the morning, did Bible study, and went for a second swim in the afternoon. For dinner, they cooked out tacos!

The Discos did a hike to Horsethief Cave this morning. They took the Creek Trail to get there, and got to do their Bible study in the cave. They also went swimming, and visited a second cave: Bobcat.

The Pioneers had a busy morning. They did archery and played 9-square and GaGa ball. After lunch, they did Bible study, the challenge course, and arts & crafts.

The cold didn’t stop this group from having fun creek stomping this morning! They loved going down the mud slide and getting totally covered in mud. In the afternoon, they went swimming and had Bible study.

Night Owls
The Night Owls didn’t wake up today until noon. They took a tubing trip on the Maquoketa River. After worship tonight, they’ll play Alpha Wolf and capture the flag. Tonight, they plan to sleep in Horsethief Cave!

Thrill Seekers II
This morning, the Thrillers went on a tubing trip on the Maquoketa River. They did Bible study, went swimming, and had snack after lunch. Tonight, the plan to join the Night Owls for a game of Alpha Wolf.