Day 3 at Camp

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Day 3 at Camp

Well, we had quite a bit of rain come through last night and this morning, but that didn’t stop us from having fun and enjoying our time at camp! Everyone is safe, sound, and still having a blast! Here’s what we were up to today:

Explorer Swim/Pirates:
This group just arrived this morning and jumped right in! The started their day with name games and swimming lessons. After lunch, they did sling shots, went on a treasure hunt, had Bible study, and went swimming.

The Discos took a hike to Horsethief Cave today where they had Bible study. In the afternoon, they worked on building cardboard boats, did sling shots, and went swimming. Tonight they are cooking out for dinner.

Lewis Pioneers
The Pioneers played a game all together this morning before taking time in the challenge course. After lunch they had Bible study, went swimming, and did arts & crafts. Tonight they are cooking out for dinner.

Clark Pioneers
Even though it was raining this morning, this group successfully cooked out breakfast burritos! They spent their morning playing a game with the Lewis Pioneers and doing the challenge course. After lunch they had Bible study, went swimming, and did arts & crafts.

The Middlers explored Werden’s Cave this morning. This afternoon, they went swimming, did slip ‘n slide, SuperSoakers, and had arts & crafts before cooking out for dinner.

Water Adventures
Today was water park day for the Water Adventures group. They had Bible study this morning before packing up and heading out to Lost Island Waterpark. We won’t see them again until this evening when they return.

Night Owls
The Night Owls woke up at noon today just in time for breakfast (lunch for everyone else). They went swimming and did the challenge course. Tonight, they plan to participate in the out camp evening program (a night swim), cookout, build cardboard boats, have Bible Study, and play hungry hippos!

The LITs had a full day of learning today. They helped lead sessions during activity hour before attending a session of their own where they learned how to lead Bible study and then spent time preparing to lead their own Bible study later in the week in small groups. They cooked out lunch, packed for their overnight trip, and did sling shots as well. Tonight after dinner they will have their final canoe training session.