Day 3

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Day 3

It’s our third full day at camp this week, and everything is running very smoothly! Everyone was outside, enjoying the beautiful weather and the friends they have here at camp. Here is what we did today:

MAD Camp
The entire MAD camp hiked to Horsethief Cave this morning. They heard the story of the cave, explored inside, and then had Bible study together. In the afternoon, they had MAD rehearsal and went swimming. Tonight, they’re all cooking out dinner over the fire.

Lewis Pioneers
The Lewis Pioneers went kayaking, did arts & crafts, and played GaGa ball this morning. In the afternoon, they went swimming, went on a nature hike, and had Bible study.

Clark Pioneers
The Clark Pioneers did arts & crafts, kayaking, and games this morning. They especially enjoyed catching frogs! In the afternoon, they went swimming, went hiking, and had Bible study.

Thrill Seekers
The Thrill Seekers took a trip to Werden’s Cave this morning. They all got very muddy, but had lots of fun! In the afternoon, they went swimming, did the challenge course, and had Bible study. Tonight, they’re going on a night swim with the Night Owls

Night Owls
The Night Owls didn’t wake up today until noon! After breakfast (lunch for the rest of us) they went tubing on the Maquoketa River. Tonight after worship they plan to go on a night swim with the Thrill Seekers. They’re also going to play games like soccer and football in the middle of the night, cook out dinner, and then hike to Horsethief Cave where they plan to spend the night!