Our Day at Camp

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Our Day at Camp

It was a crazy day from beginning to end here at Camp Wyoming! From Activity Hour to Bible study, swimming, and this evening’s all camp game of Paint Wars, everyone was having fun and enjoying the beautiful weather. Here’s what we did today:

The Explorers went home today, but that didn’t stop them from cramming in as much activity as they could before they left. They did arts & crafts, had Bible study, and played GaGa ball in the morning. After lunch, they went for a swim before packing up to head for home.

MAD I Honeycombs
After activity hour, all of the MAD campers camp together in the morning to rehearse for Willy Wonka. The Honey Combs then did archery and cooked out BLTs for lunch. In the afternoon, they had more play rehearsal, went swimming, and then worked on props and memorized their lines.

MAD I Jujubes
The Jujubes joined all of the MAD campers for play rehearsal today. Everyone got assigned their parts and started working on their lines. They also had snack, did Bible study, went swimming, and went on a nature hike.

Both the Lewis and the Clark Pioneers joined forces today to hike to Horsethief Cave and do Bible study together. In the afternoon, the Lewis Pioneers played disc golf, did arts & crafts, went swimming, and played games. The Clark Pioneers went swimming, played games, had snack, and did the challenge course together.

All of the MAD campers had play rehearsal today where they were assigned their parts and started working on memorizing their lines and learning the songs for Willy Wonka. This group also had Bible study and snack, played Ultimate Frisbee, and went swimming.

Thrill Seekers
The Thrillers did archery this morning, had Bible study, and did more canoe training to prepare for their overnight trip. In the afternoon, they took a trip to the high ropes course to climb the rock wall and go on the zip line. Tonight after worship, they’re playing Capture the Flag with the Night Owls.

High School Night Owls
The Night Owls woke up at 10am this morning. They did arts & crafts, played 9-square, and did the challenge course together in the afternoon. They also went swimming and had Bible study. After everyone goes to sleep tonight, they’re going to take a midnight trip down the slip ‘n slide and cook out dinner at 2am.