Day One at Camp

by on June 21,2016 in Daily Updates with No Comments

Everything is in full swing here at Camp Wyoming! We enjoyed absolutely beautiful weather today and had lots of fun together. It was the perfect way to begin our week of camp together. Here is what we were up to:

Explorer I:
The Explorer I group joined Explorer II in the challenge course this morning and then got to try out the sling shots. They had snack, did arts & crafts, went swimming, did Bible study, and cooked out tacos for dinner!

Explorer II:
The Explorers teamed up to tackle the challenge course this morning. They went creek stomping, tried out the mud slide, went down the slip ‘n slide and had SuperSoaker battles, went swimming, and did Bible study. For dinner, they cooked out tacos!

The “Discos” (as we like to call them) went kayaking, did arts & crafts, went on a nature scavenger hunt, went swimming, had Bible study, and played disc golf.

Lewis Pioneers
This group did archery, kayaking, and explored Bobcat Cave in the morning. After lunch, they went swimming, did arts & crafts, played sports, and had Bible study.

Clark Pioneers
This group started their morning with Bible study before heading to do archery and explore Bobcat Cave before lunch. In the afternoon, they went swimming, did arts & crafts, and went kayaking.

The Middlers had a chill morning with arts & crafts and Bible study. They cooked out pizza quesadillas and baked cinnamon apple slices for lunch. In the afternoon, they did the challenge course, sling shots, and went swimming.

Water Adventures
This group took a tubing trip on the Maquoketa River this morning! It was the perfect way to beat the heat and spend some time in the water. In the afternoon they did the challenge course, did arts & crafts, went swimming, and played sports. This evening after dinner, they went to Eden Valley for Bible study on the moon tower.

Night Owls
Arts & crafts, challenge course, sling shots, swimming, and Bible study made for a great day for this group. Plus, after worship tonight, they plan to have snack, play games, and go fire spinning!

The LITs had a full day of learning and activity. They had Bible study this morning and then spent time learning how to build fires. They did arts & crafts and games with groups, had a session on how to lead games, did canoe training, learned about teambuilding in the challenge course, and helped lead the younger kids at evening program.