The Faces of the 2016 Summer

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The Faces of the 2016 Summer

Who are the Camp Wyoming Summer Staff? This year they came from as far away as South Africa and as close as Maquoketa, Iowa. They are elementary education majors, Bible college students, and outdoor ministry graduates. Most importantly, they are young adults who committed to spending their summer working in camp ministry- teaching kayaking, leading songs, crawling through caves, and studying Scripture. It takes a very special person to work on a camp staff. Here at Camp Wyoming, God sent us an abundance of very special people who worked incredibly hard to make this summer fantastic. Please keep them in your prayers as they begin the next adventure in their lives!

Liz Bagley moved to New Jersey, is working for a small business, and is actively involved in local church ministry.


Josh Belshaw returned to Northern Ireland to work.


Kayla Bender is a sophomore at Cornell College in Mt. Vernon studying Theater.


Hannah Butler is spending this next year in Chicago volunteering with the Lutheran Volunteer Corp.


Courtney Fiechtner is a sophomore at the University of Northern Iowa for Spanish Teaching.


Shannon Hoppman is seeking employment in law enforcement in North Carolina.


Becca Kenealy is a senior at Iowa State for Family and Consumer Science Education.


Maggie Lampe is a senior at Prairie High School in Cedar Rapids.


Jack Lindner is returning to Australia to work.


Mitchell Livermore is returning home to work and pursue education opportunities.


Adler Mayne is returning home to work.


Kaylee Miller is a sophomore at Iowa State for Family and Consumer Science Education.


Jaccob O’Connor is spending a year as an intern at Heartland Center, a Presbyterian Camp in Missouri.


Sam Oxley is returning to New Zealand to work.


Tom Peters is a junior at Hopkins University in Liverpool for Marketing.


Sam Poffenbaugh is a sophomore at Moody Bible Institute-Spokane for Biblical Exposition.


Jesse Robertson is returning to South Africa to seek employment in Theater.


Jennie Snart is a sophomore at Blackhawk Community College for Nursing.


Serena Snead is a senior at Cedarville University in Ohio for English.


Sam Stearns is a sophomore at Drake University for Political Science.


Laura Sullivan is a sophomore at Iowa State for Animal Science.


Dawn Thompson is a senior at Iowa State for Elementary Education.


Stevie Threlfall is returning to Liverpool to start pursuing a coaching certificate.


Bill Wildling is a freshman at the University of Iowa for Journalism.

See what some of our summer camp staff had to say about their experience: