From Fear to Faith: A Camp Wyoming Story

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From Fear to Faith: A Camp Wyoming Story

Kelsey and the 4th grade girls she coaches. Her leadership experience allowed her to jump right in as a volunteer counselor at Camp Wyoming last summer.

We talk a lot about the community at camp. This is a place for people to come and meet others, try new things, have conversations, and be a part of something bigger than themselves. However, this kind of community can sometimes be intimidating when you’ve never been part of it before. What will I do? What are the people like? What if I’m not good enough?

Kelsey was introduced to the Camp Wyoming community for the very first time last summer. She joined us as a volunteer counselor for a week of camp after hearing about the opportunity from her high school. Kelsey arrived with all of the first day jitters and fears that most of us feel when walking into a new situation. As an athlete, she was used to pressure and performing, but this was a new experience. She had never been a camp counselor before, and she really wasn’t sure what to expect.

Kelsey and her family on vacation

There was another fear that Kelsey had: being part of the faith conversations that take place at camp. Kelsey said, “The part I was most worried about was teaching kids about the Bible when I didn’t really know much myself. To be honest, it made me uncomfortable.” Although Kelsey considered herself a Christian, faith had never really played much of a role in her life. She wanted the opportunity to volunteer at a Christian camp and learn more, but it was also daunting and scary.

Kelsey was a volunteer counselor for a Thrill Seekers camp. She assisted the two staff members who led the camp. While the staff members took charge of leading the Bible studies, they also came alongside and helped Kelsey, involving her in the teaching and discussions. She says, “They pushed me past my comfort zone and helped me begin to really grow in my relationship with Christ.”

Kelsey and her group of Thrill Seekers last summer

It was at camp that faith truly came alive for Kelsey. Looking back, she says, “Last summer, Camp Wyoming actually changed my life. I signed up to volunteer for fun, but it changed me in ways I never expected.” Now, she looks at life a little differently. She has started attending church and even encouraging her family to come along with her. She wants to eventually be a staff member at Camp Wyoming, saying, “I want to help kids who felt like I did grow in their relationship with Christ.”

Her experience last summer has also changed her plans for the future. Looking beyond summer camp at her journey to college and eventually a career, Kelsey has decided to pursue elementary education, hopefully at a Bible College. Faith is now a central component to her life, and she is so thankful for the community at Camp Wyoming which pushed her past her fears and into something bigger than herself. We can’t wait to see all that God has in store for Kelsey!