Final Day of Fun

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Final Day of Fun

Unfortunately today was our last full day here at Camp Wyoming. As many of us are sad to leave, we had to fill the day with fun! Here’s what the campers did today:


The Explorers got to experience their first full day here at camp. They all got to hop in the creek and go creek stomping where they were able to go down the mud slide! They also go to do some arts and crafts, sling shots and play some games in the meadow.


Discos go to blast off bottle rockets this morning after building them! After lunch they cooled off on the slip n’ slide and while also spraying each other with super soakers! They got to hopped into the pool and did some arts and crafts.

Sports I

This morning the Sports campers got to build and launch bottle rockets and dive more into arts and crafts! After lunch they played some games in the meadow and went down the slip n’ slide.

Lewis Pioneer

Today our Pioneer campers had a relaxin morning of a bible study and human foosball before they cooked out for lunch! Then they dove into some fun where they did rockets, arts and crafts and went swimming!

Clark Pioneers

These Pioneers adventured off to Horsetheif cave this morning where they got to explore a little and have bible study! When they returned back, they did arts and crafts, sling shots, went swimming, and played human foosball all before their dinner cookout!


Most of the afternoon our Middlers traveled off site to go tubing down the river before they have a cookout for dinner! Before they left, they had a bible study and went corcling!

Night Owls

Last night before the Night Owls went to bed they got to play hungry hungry hippos and sardines. After they joined the rest of camp for lunch they played kayak polo, went swimming and had arts and crafts!

Water Adventures

Water Adventures spent their day out at Central Park! They went to hangout on the beach, play games and go swimming!


Our Seniors group spent their morning at Werden’s cave exploring and getting muddy! When they returned to camp, they went swimming and went to Frog Pond for corcling!