First Day Out

by on June 25,2018 in Daily Updates with No Comments

It was a beautiful first day of camp at Camp Wyoming! Here’s what each group spent time doing:



The Pirates enjoyed their first day, spending time at the Challenge Course, Human Foosball, walking the plank at the pool, and a treasure hunt before dinner!


Pioneer campers spent their day building rockets, swimming and playing water games in the afternoon to cool off.


The Middlers group spent their Monday doing kayak polo, enjoying a cookout lunch, Challenge Course, and Human Foosball.


The Thrillseekers camp spent their first day of camp exploring Werden’s Cave, building rockets, swimming and playing some kayak polo.

Night Owls:

The Night Owls spent time today at sling shots, GaGa Ball, swimming, and exploring Werden’s Cave in the afternoon. They will spend the night playing Extreme Spoons until bed at 4 a.m.