Friday at Camp

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This is our last day together this week. It was filled with lots of fun and friends. Here’s what we were up to today:

Explorer Swim/Pirates:
This group had Bible study, did arts & crafts, and went kayaking in the morning. After lunch, they went swimming, raced boats in the creek and went creek stomping, and joined the Discovery and Pirate campers for a unit-wide game.

Discovery started their morning with boat races in the pool and swimming! Then they did Bible study and went on a nature hike. In the afternoon, they did slip ‘n slide and SuperSoakers, went swimming, played sports, and joined the Pirate and Explorer campers for a unit-wide game.

The Pirates hiked to Horsethief Cave this morning and did Bible study. They also did archery, went swimming, played games, and joined the Discovery and Explorer campers for a unit-wide game.

The Pioneers joined the Middlers, and Water Adventure campers for a unit-wide game this morning. They also did Bible study, went swimming, did SuperSoakers, and went creek stomping.

The Middlers joined the Pioneer and Water Adventure campers this morning for a unit-wide game. They also went creek stomping, did Bible study, played kayak polo, and went swimming.

Night Owls
The Night Owls woke up today at 4pm! They went swimming, joined us for breakfast (dinner for everyone else), and will walk the Christwalk tonight with the whole camp. After everyone else goes to bed, they will have Bible study at the labyrinth, cookout lunch and dinner, play live mafia, and decorate Deer Center for the Night Owl themed breakfast on Saturday morning.