It's Friday! Friday!

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It’s our last full day at camp, and we made the most of it! The weather was beautiful, and everyone got to enjoy being outside, and having fun, and spending quality time with the new friends they’ve made. Tonight, we’ll go on the Christwalk, which is our special closing service for the week.

Explorer Swim
Arts & crafts, swimming lessons, snack, more swimming, and a hike to Horsethief Cave made this an exciting and busy day for the Explorer campers.

There’s never a dull moment in Discovery Camp! They did the challenge course, had arts & crafts, did archery, played games, and did Bible study.

The Pioneers played Beta Wolf with Pastor Mary this morning! They also did crazy concoctions, went swimming, and did team building and games.

The Middlers broke out the slip ‘n slide and the SuperSoakers this morning! They finished their day with half of the group going kayaking and doing archery while the other half took a trip to Werden’s Cave.

Night Owls
The Night Owls slept in until 4pm today! After joining the rest of the camp for breakfast (dinner for the rest of us), they plan to go on the Christwalk, have Bible study, cookout lunch, and decorate Deer Center for the traditional themed breakfast on Saturday morning.

Thrill Seekers
The Thrillers got back and safe and sound from their overnight hiking trip. They had a lot of fun. Then they did the challenge course, went swimming, and did archery.