Fun Filled Tuesday

by on June 18,2019 in Daily Updates with No Comments

Fun Filled Tuesday

What a day we have had here at camp! The campers participated in some new fun activities along with getting to do ones they’ve done before again! Here’s what we did today:


The Discovery campers got to try out our new corcls, do the challenge course and go on a hike with the Pioneer campers!


Pioneers also got to try out our new corcls along with doing archery and hiking to Horsetheif cave with the Discos!

Music, Arts and Drama

The MAD campers got to build and launch bottle rockets and do some fantastic karaoke today. They also have a cookout tonight for dinner!


Night Owls

While our other camps were sleeping the Night Owls stayed up until 4 am playing extreme spoons and doing arts and crafts. They woke up this afternoon and participated in sling shots and archery.

Thrill Seekers

The Thrill Seekers had a very adventurous day by going to the high ropes course! They got to climb the rock wall and go down the zip line!